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Healthcare Marketing: How Digital Technology is Changing It

The business of healthcare marketing had never been easy. To begin with, it has some inherent, industry-specific difficulties. These difficulties are rooted in the very nature of the healthcare industry.

This is because, in the medical and healthcare space, the product must always take center stage. After all, there is no value in a hospital unless it can provide the resources, manpower, and machinery needed to save lives. Unlike other industries, a brand has no value in healthcare unless it has a robust product (or several) at the center of it.

For these reasons, it is quite difficult for companies in the healthcare industry to create a meaningful and effective corporate brand that adds value for the customers. Moreover, it’s hard to find go-to-market innovations in this industry, because of the great importance that is placed on data security in this sector.

The Need for Change in the Digital World

Marketers in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries must grow, evolve, and change their strategies in accordance with short and long-term changes in consumer behavior. And there is nothing that has changed consumer behavior in recent years half so much as the 21st century digital boom.

We went from having massive and unwieldy computer sets in 1999 to tiny smartphones in 2019 that can fit into the palms of our hands, and yet have the computing power of a yesteryear super-computer. New professional and personal technologies have led to a veritable revolution of the media-consumption habits of individuals and societies. This, in turn, changing the patient landscape at a rapid pace, which healthcare companies must keep up with in order to market effectively and stay relevant.

Healthcare marketers are experimenting constantly in order to find strategies and processes that can most effectively gain the consumers’ attention in the modern world. In many cases, in order to keep up with patients and customers, these companies have had to go digital or at least build a strong digital presence. Mid-market and large pharmaceuticals, direct healthcare providers, and medical device manufacturers have all had to evolve drastically in recent years and tweak their marketing techniques in order to keep up with the dynamic digital landscape.

Healthcare marketing is definitely changing in the modernized digital world. However, there is no singular factor that is either driving or shaping this change.

The Three Factors Driving Change in the World of Healthcare Marketing

Still, many professionals working in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries feel that there are three major areas that might drive innovation and change in the online healthcare marketing space.

Firstly, more and more patients are going online, both to conduct research about medical services and treatment modalities as well as to procure such treatment from doctors and clinics. Patients are becoming active in an ever-increasing number of online platforms. This has made effective targeting and personalization increasingly complex. However, such personalization can also be immensely rewarding in terms of increased awareness and brand loyalty among patients and those seeking medical services.

Secondly, most healthcare professionals recognize the power of digital healthcare platforms that have emerged as a major hub for patients and physicians alike. Such digital platforms can allow healthcare professionals to use multiple sources of information simultaneously, including electronic health records and e-consults. This is sure to impact the marketing strategies that companies will need to employ, as convenience and speed are now major demands that patients seeking treatment typically have.

The third factor that will have an impact on offline and online healthcare marketing is the availability of new sources of data on various subjects, including treatment efficacy and patient behavior. This data has been revealed by the new and innovative medical technology developed in recent years. Some of it has also been made available through a process of aggregation and analysis that was made possible only by the existence of sophisticated computing and software programs.

Growing Need for Tech Adoption in Healthcare Marketing

Experts agree that the healthcare sector is lagging in the realm of marketing tech, with adoption rates of new technology being surprisingly low compared to other industries. CMS, web analytics, and social measurements are some of the directions in which online healthcare marketing could easily expand and grow in the near future. More and more marketers must also begin using digital testing and optimization technologies.

Moreover, marketing optimization technologies and personalization software should become more common in the online healthcare marketing domain. This will help medical institutions offer a higher quality of service to customers and patients, leading to mutually beneficial growth and development.

For healthcare marketers in the modern world, speed is more of a challenge than security. Making effective and efficient use of large sets of data across multiple platforms and channels, such as websites, search engines, and email, is essential for spreading awareness about and promoting loyalty towards a particular healthcare or medical brand.

In Conclusion

Mentioned above are some of the ways in which healthcare marketing is changing in the digital world. Today, online healthcare marketing budgets are growing with every passing year, and making effective use of the latest technologies is something that all marketers must learn. This will allow them to gain the attention of patients and customers, who are now spread across various digital channels throughout the world wide web.

However, it is not always easy for veteran marketers to understand and implement new technologies and online tools in an efficient and effective manner. In such situations, they should seek the help of a reputed digital marketing company that has years of experience in the online healthcare marketing domain, so as to make the best possible use of their digital resources.

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