5 Powerful Web Design Tips Based On Brain Science

The design of your website determines largely the extent of audience engagement it would achieve. There are millions of websites in the world wide web and therefore, the competition is too high. When this condition prevails, most of the bloggers and website owners try out different tricks and tips to make their website much more attractive to their target audience. But this doesn’t bear any fruitful result. Not all tricks and tips are fake, some are legit and do give fruitful results only if you are lucky.

However, if you really want to draw audiences towards your website, then you need to understand the mind of the visitors. Our brain is unique and it understand things differently. Here in this post, you will find some effective web designing tips that are based on brain science. Our brain acts according to some tendencies and these tendencies are translated into some tips to design websites.

Here are few tricks and tips to draw traffic to your website:

1. Plan, Motivate and Set Logic:

Whenever we read a list, the tendency of our brain is to remember the first and the last half. The middle portion gets lost somewhere. This is because the information gets stored in the short term memory, which is likely to store the first and the last portion. To take advantage of this tendency, you need to put the important points in the first and the last halves of the page. Then readers will get to know about your website properly.

Another interesting thing about humans is they always follow what everyone does. So taking advantage of this attitude, you can show review from clients and customers on your website. You can also insert the logos of your website while replying. If the visitors see that a lot of people follow you, they will simply be motivated to do the same.

2. Get the Language Right:

Language is a very important thing when it comes to impress visitors. You need to be very careful while choosing the words so that the readers find your content interesting while reading it. A use of short and crisp sentences as well as common words familiar to the readers, will get them read your website content. Use of long sentences and overly high sounding or uncommon words will only make the content sound artificial, thereby doing no good. Use of easily readable content will definitely make your website much more smarter. However, make sure your content is not dull and boring as that may cause your readers to feel themselves dumb and loose interest to go through your website. So, keep it simple and clear.

3. Leverage Color effect:

There is a part in our brain that helps us visualize colors. Colors attract us and we tend to go for the uncommon colors in a content. So if you want to divert the attention of the readers to a particular writing, then give it a different color than the content color.

It is also a cool idea to use an action color for the regular design of the website. This helps to keep the interest intact.

4. Write Attention-Grabbing Headlines:

The headline or the heading of a content needs to be very attractive and understandable so that the readers get interested to read the content just after reading the headline.

5. Make use of ‘Loss Aversion’:

Our brain is very interesting and one of its interesting features is “loss aversion”. This hinders us from doing general calculations on cost/ benefit. When facing both gains and losses, our brain tends to focus on the losses much more than the gains and exaggerates the losses.

Taking this into consideration, you can make the reader think that if they do not take the action that you are requesting them to take on your website, there can be losses. Moreover, create an urgency to buy or use your product because there are limitations in terms of time or product quantity.

Applying these tips in web design will help you draw more potential customers to your site and increase customer engagement. If you are a life science, biotech, biopharma or pharma company, it’s important for your web design to resonate with your target customers. B3NET Bio is a specialized life science digital marketing company with a vast experience on life science web design. We know what elements of web design make a life science website stand out of the crowd and help it convert better.

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