6 Effective Life Science Digital Marketing Tips by B3NET BIO

As oxygen is essential for life, so is digital marketing for the businesses. If you possess a biotechnology, life science, pharmaceutical or biopharmaceutical company, life science digital marketing is a must for your business. It is entirely different from other types of marketing. The task is challenging because you need to deal with your logical and scientific-minded target audience.

B3NET Bio, an arm of B3NET Inc., is a specialized life science digital marketing agency. We partner with a wide range of companies from Biotech startups to the top ones. As far as the field of life science is concerned, digital marketing is different from other types of marketing; you need to employ a different set of tips and concepts to get success in this field. B3NET Bio has come up with some innovative and effective life science digital marketing tips for you.

Let’s check out the tips.

1. Words keep changing, concepts are static

Those days of mass mailing or snailing have gone. Several agencies used to compile a list of local biotech companies and send snail mail to each of these companies till the year 2008. But, this trick gradually came to its end providing zero outcomes. A new trend came into existence around this time – spreading relevant and engaging contents. B3NET Bio has always emphasized content greatly. You can call this content-based marketing as “non-broadcast approach” as well.

Through this non-broadcast approach, you can unitize the different strategies like brand journalism, content marketing, social media and much more. Digital marketing and search engine optimization now have become vital to the existence of any life science or biotechnology firm. These two techniques can define the modern marketing strategies. Strategies always keep changing, but the concept always remains the same. Words will change but the concept will be the same.

2. Social media – no more a tactic, but a strategy

In the midst of the dominance of content in the field of life science marketing, there are many agencies that still rely on the social media. This inclination to social media highlights the fact that some companies still want to “plug it in” to the tactics they are already employing. They are continuously repeating this thing. But they are far from the present reality. This is such a time when marketers need to convert their life science digital marketing tactics to an effective strategy in order to gain success. Most of the marketers state the importance of being on either Facebook or Twitter without employing any logical strategy. So, you must transform your social media tactic into an effective strategy, that is suitable for modern life science digital marketing.

3. Web 2.0 – the new favorite

At B3NET Bio, we divide social media into two parts – 1st party and 3rd party. 1st party refers to blogs and forums while the 3rd party refers to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and much more. In this context, it is important to know that there are many corporations that are using fake Facebook likes as means of Facebook advertising . There is another group of companies that have complained against such fake likes. There is no denying of the fact that running page promotions is not an easy task for the marketers. This is due to rejections of the ads for some capricious reasons and inability to reach the people who have liked a particular company page.

LinkedIn has come up with some changes that may make the task harder. So, it is clear that the third party platforms are struggling to set up a proper business model. So, life science companies that rely on these platforms to a great extent, can suffer a lot. Though we admit that these tools have multiple benefits as well, it is highly recommended that life science digital marketing should diversify and utilize the resources that are able to develop Web 2.0 applications. Apart from this, they should also concentrate on relevant and interesting content (for their websites).

4. Life science trade organizations are important

We deal with both traditional biotechnology industry and the modern non-membership agencies. When we need to deal with the non-member based agencies, we prefer to connect more with the life science researchers and professionals. We make these connections with the help of online tools and engaging events. We also try to collect information regarding the local companies and their vacancies. Since, there are no membership fees, any resources to serve the similar kind of benefits are useless. Many marketers have raised a question, really relevant to this context – Which model is preferable, membership with registration or the free ones? Well, both of these two models are good in different circumstances. Most of the trade organizations require a business model that permits the members free access or access at a low amount.

General networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter require more targeted communities. Your life science digital marketing strategy should emphasize working with trade organizations like AACR, ACS, AAAS, and ASBMB more closely. You should make it clear to them, which things are beneficial for you and what you need more.

5. An integrated approach is vital

No one can deny that the long contents must transform website traffic into leads and sales. According to a recent report, almost 50% of survey respondents tend to source their products online via a supplier website.

This survey also reveals that two-thirds of respondents did not buy a product because they did not get enough information about the product regarding its limitations. So, product briefs, articles, and white papers are required to convince the scientific-minded target audience. The technical comparison is, perhaps the best tool to convince such audience. It is clear that B2B science companies have many options to work with. An integrated approach includes trade shows, conferences, sponsored events, panel discussions, e-newsletters, print features and blog posts.

6. Embrace the “new world”

The life science digital marketing strategies are changing every day. So, upgrading the tactics and strategies is of prime importance in order to gain the desired success. Being a part of this science industry, you must admit that the scientific consequences are dire. There are many things that influence life science experiments such as climate change.

The life science companies should provide summaries of the vital research of their customers. B3NET Bio always suggests embracing the “new world”. This new world refers not only to new marketing strategies but to the new experiments regarding life science and biotechnology.

Summing up:

Who does not know the old saying “Slow but steady wins the race”? Well, in this context, you are allowed to be slow only to upgrade and determine your life science digital marketing strategies. It is really important to embrace only the relevant tips to make an effective strategy. Hopefully, the tips provided here will help you to determine the right strategy for your business.

If you are looking for some more effective tips and guidance to boost your life science digital marketing, B3NET Bio is always ready with a number of innovative and beneficial ideas.

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