B3NET Bio Designed Websites Convert Better- A Case Study

We have previously worked with some of the major life Science and biotech companies, and statistics have proved that our skilled expertise and knowledge have helped several of our clients by driving in more sales.

Our latest endeavor was with a leading biopharma company. And needless to say, the joint collaboration went on to give overwhelming results. Let's take a look at some of the changes that our team of skilled professionals incorporated to set the revenue bells ringing and to trigger sales.

Understanding Problems

We believe in having an in-depth analysis of the problems. Wondering why? Because this analysis allows us to understand the areas that need attention and re-working. All this is to re-design an effective website that assures maximum conversion. We here at B3NET Bio tweaked a few areas and added some extra features and much more to keep our clients happy.

The Changes & Extra Features
  • 1. Re-designed Landing Pages - The Landing Pages of a particular website directly take potential customers to the pages that showcase the company's products and services. A detailed description of the products with valuable images along with sub-categories helps customers to decide whether they want the purchase or not. We design Landing Pages that are focused on the products to ensure that the customer's attention is not distracted.
  • 2. Enhanced Shopping Experience - Most of the biopharma company websites have long shopping procedures. This has an adverse impact on the sales because customers tend to get bored of the tedious process. In order to keep their shopping experience short and smooth, we have crafted a hassle-free shopping process. The main agenda of our team of web developers was to make online shopping a pleasure for the customers so that they keep coming back.
  • 3. Improved Search Functionality - When visiting a website, users often lack the precision of which products will exactly match their requirements. In such times, offering them search suggestions are a must. Understanding this dire need among users, we have come up with an optimized search functionality. Providing popular search suggestions in the website's search bar helps users to find products easily that will suit their requirements the most.
All these extra efforts help us to create a make-believe world for your potential customers once they enter your website. Guess what the recent reports show?
  • Better Sales
  • Higher Conversion Rate
  • Improved User Retention
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