Marketing Psychology in Biotechnology Industry
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The virtual world is full of surprises where people always aim to target the right kind of audience. Creating a valuable content allows potential customers to put a tick in all the boxes. To make sure that people notice you, provide readers with content that is value for the time they spend in reading them.

So don’t you think understanding what motivates them to stay tuned to your website or what interests them is important for you to analyze? So, chalk out your content marketing strategies keeping in mind the psychology of your target audience.

Human Psychology That Helps You Grow Your Biotech Industry

The biotech industry is all about providing readers with valuable content that is extremely informative about the life science industry. In such an information driven industry, it is best to provide readers with power-packed content. Let’s take a look at what keep readers hooked to your website.

Human Behavior – In order to understand what intrigues people to your website, it is important to have an accurate keyword research. Post a clear understanding of what your target audience is looking for, you can create content that will cater to their needs and get you the traffic. As per the BG Theory in The Psychology of Search,“People don’t go to a search engine to browse the Web. They go there because they have a question to be answered.” So understand what your target audience is looking for and then provide them with the answers.

Always Have a Social Proof – This point can be best described by the herd mentality of users who visit your website. Word-of-mouth works for people brilliantly where visitors are convinced that a particular website is good just by watching the craze it has and the volume of traffic it receives. This phenomenon acts as the social proof for entrepreneurs to pool in more traffic. A recent study by Nielsen stated that “92% people trust word of mouth recommendations” given to them by their family members or friends.

Customer Perception – What you perceive about your business matters but what your target audience think about your website is of prime importance. There is no point of bragging about your business. Instead, you can tell your audience how your products or services will help them. Create videos focusing on how your business will benefit the person looking at it. Videos are enriched with valuable data and plays a key role in influencing the decision-making phase of consumers as reported in a study from Animoto.

Encourage Conversation – Understanding the wants of your customers and engaging them with productive conversation is a necessity today. Write a content focusing on giving an answer to their query helps you to build a certain amount of trust with them. For instance, even this blog is focused on answering the queries of many budding entrepreneurs about how to grab the attention of your target audience. It is time to by heart the popular phrase “Content is king but engagement is queen, and she rules the house!” Did you know? 80% users connect with their favorite brands through Facebook. As said already, the ‘queen’ definitely rules the house.

Your focus should always be about how to make your presence felt in the world of the Web. Make your website sell. And this blog tells you the how!

2.5 (50%) 2 votes
3 Comments on “Marketing Psychology in Biotechnology Industry
Raquel Valletta
January 14, 2015 at 12:14 pm

As an experienced health care executive, I can give this article 7 out of 10. You have done a good home work which is reflected in your article. Carry on 🙂

Thomas Miller
January 15, 2015 at 9:34 am

Article is a nice one. Points are good and all are essential for an e-commerce site conversion. I don’t get a single line which specify something special for the biotechnology industry because contents are not only made for Life Science industry. Good but need to focus more.

Shiela Holmes
February 13, 2015 at 7:10 am

Marketing, the digital marketing is widely spread from general e-commerce industry to the life science industry.

The following strategies are needed to make the brand value of your site or company as well.

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