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Customer Engagement and generating sales is essential to your business. B3NET Bio understands how to design and develop a website or e-commerce site where your visitors will convert to customers. You need a specialized life science digital marketing company like B3NET Bio who understands web marketing and has the technical expertise as well.

With over 17+ years of experience in designing & developing websites for life science, diagnostic, pharmaceutical, medical, healthcare, biotech, biopharma, and pharma companies you have come to the right website. We serve life science, bio technology companies, which has empowered us with an in-depth understanding of your industry. We have a proven track record of developing and redesigning life science websites that convert visitors into leads.
Why Choose B3NET Bio For Your Life Science or Medical Web Design?

  • B3NET Bio understands your target market
  • Leading Digital Life Science Marketing company
  • Understands your customers
  • Solid digital marketing capabilities
  • Technically savvy with a team of programmers, coders and designers
  • We analyze, measure and redeploy to give results
  • We offer scalability, maintenance and support

We’ve designed and redesigned websites for companies in your vertical market. Have a look at our work.


Life Science Web Design & Development Approach


The Discovery phase involves research, communication and understanding. Here we understand your life science business goals, constraints and current website issues.


In Planning phase, we determine what needs to be done to meet your goals and eliminate all issues.


In this phase, we craft a creative strategy to implement the solutions.


We start with the website design in this phase. We keep things transparent and efficient by sharing concepts, sketches, wireframes, and Photoshop files with you.


In the Development phase, our expert development team translates your life science website design to code.


The website building process comes to a completion in the Implementation phase.


Our testing involves developer testing, user testing, load testing, speed testing, bug testing. B3NET Bio’s in-depth testing methods ensure that you will get a quality website and your customers will get a better user experience.


In this phase, we roll out the website for your review and feedback. We make the necessary improvements according to your feedback.


Now we make your life science website go live. Our team makes sure that all the tasks involved in this step are performed right like data migration, code merge, server set up and configuration, domain name redirection and more.


A website calls for support even after launch. B3NET Bio provides efficient post launch support to your newly launched website with new enhancement and maintenance.

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