How to Create a Content Marketing Funnel in Life Science Digital Marketing?

Content marketing is an effective way for life science companies to connect with their target audience. However, to get the right results out of content marketing, life science companies need to create their content marketing funnel right. If you are a life science, biotech, biopharma, pharma, medical devices or healthcare company, here is a content marketing funnel that would significantly help you get more leads and customers.

Life Science Content Marketing

This content marketing funnel can exponentially increase your organic traffic as well as email list by employing LinkedIn, content marketing and remarketing techniques. The funnel above may look complicated, but in reality, it’s quite simple.

The entire process starts with content. When you provide excellent tools and resources to your prospective scientist customers for free, it will significantly boost your brand trust and awareness. This would also set your company as one of the industry experts. When it comes to companies like Abcam, Genscript, or Thermofisher, the Support and Resources sections in their websites are packed with bioinformatics video tutorials, posters, protocols, guides, tools and more. This contributes largely to their domination on the search engines and online success.

The next step is driving traffic to the content. You can drive traffic through social media or through search engines. When talking about social media, LinkedIn is an effective medium to boost traffic, as it is one of the most frequently used social media by your target customers – scientists and lab researchers.

After that, you need to format the content for driving email opt-ins. In a report that surveyed 1000 life scientists, life scientist researchers stated that emails providing them promotional offers are the most effective tool to enable them to find products and tools for their research. So, crafting an email list is highly important for life scientist vendors.

Finally, the website visitors who said ‘no’ for the email opt-in, should be retargeted with Google remarketing. This can be used to increase conversions substantially in PPC marketing.

Let’s breakdown the constituents of the content marketing funnel.


The content you develop for driving traffic can be in different forms. It can be a poster featuring the apoptosis pathway, or a white paper about the latest drug discovery technology, or anything else that’s valuable. The important thing about such resources is that they should offer VALUE to your prospective customer. When you provide value, your brand will be reinforced as a thought leader in your industry. The next time when your prospective customers need a service/product related to the content you have created, the thing that will pop into their mind is – Your company.

In life science, a type of content that can prove to be very helpful is – a comprehensive guide based on one topic. Such a guide should comprise multiple sections and sub-sections spanning across many webpages, with each webpage targeting a particular sub-topic.

This format of content is helpful in driving traffic and increasing email opt-ins.


Here we are driving 2 types of traffic to the content – Search Engine traffic and Social Media traffic.

Search Engine Traffic: The content format we have considered in this article, and other content formatted in a similar way, are great for ranking in search engines. Why? Because each sub-section and section is targeted to be ranked for a specific keyword or keyphrase. If you can leverage more keyphrases, you can drive more traffic from search engines.

Social Media Traffic: Social Media is a powerful tool to drive traffic to your content. Among all social media platforms, LinkedIn makes the second most employed social media network for life scientists. Research Gate is the first, however, LinkedIn offers way more flexibility in implementing marketing strategies.

A great way to leverage the power of LinkedIn is to join LinkedIn groups and share your newly created content in those groups. You can find a large number of biotech groups created for discussing and sharing news and topics related to biotech.

Life Science Content Marketing

After driving substantial level of targeted traffic, it’s now the time to convert this targeted traffic to targeted leads. This can be done by capturing the email information of potential customers.

Here’s how to do this:

In the content we have used in this post, put a Call-To-Action (CTA) offering visitors the opportunity of downloading the whole resource by providing you their email information. The ideal place to include the CTAs is towards the lower portion of the resource or at the centre of the content towards the right. Below appears the image to give you an idea of CTA placement:


This technique has been found to be amazing to generate a huge number of email opt-ins.

Life Science Content Marketing

AdWords Remarketing

Adwords Remarketing

In this part of the funnel, you use the remarketing lists feature of Google for targeting your display advertisements to the visitors who had visited your guide through LinkedIn, Google Search, or any other medium, but didn’t choose to download the guide. This is a powerful technique! By targeting your previous visitors via display ads, you will be targeting the people who had already taken interest in your resource topic. This technique leads to impressive conversions.

Here’s the way you can set this up:

1. Place Google Analytics code in all the guide pages.

2. Link your account of Google Analytics to Adwords.

3. Craft a Google remarketing list aimed at all the visitors who landed on your guide.

4. Prepare a banner ad which offers the opportunity to download the guide for free.

Please note that these more valuable visitors should not be sent back to the guide. Rather, they should be directed to a landing page which has been optimized for capturing email.

The key features of your landing page should be – an image of the guide, benefits of the guide mentioned in bullet points, and a direct Call-To-Action for choosing to download the guide for free.

The Outcome

With this strategy, you get an email list containing highly targeted leads. Now you can kickstart an email sequence aimed at promoting products or services that you know your leads are interested in.

Summing Up

This content marketing funnel is highly effective for life science, biotech, health care and medical companies who want to boost their online visibility and generate valuable leads.

However, in case you find this strategy to be overwhelming, or if you have time constraints to learn and apply this strategy, consider hiring digital marketing professionals with expertize in life science marketing.

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