4 Tips for Life Science Companies to Boost Email Opening Rates
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With email being an effective online marketing tool, all businesses in the life science industry are using it to their advantage. From many years, you may have been loading as much as vital information into your emails as possible, and hoping that they fetch you some sales. However, are you getting the desired results? If yes, probably you are well versed with the art of getting your emails opened. If no, there lies some problem in your approach.

Although your emails are full of valuable information about your industry and your products, they are of no use if not opened. Perhaps, you know that email-opening rates are directly proportional to conversion rates. If you manage to increase your email-opening rates, you will soon watch your sales figures going up. So, how to improve the rate?

Here are the 4 strategies you need to implement to boost up the opening rates for your emails:

1. Target Right
Are your emails going to the right people? For example, if you send an email about your latest medicinal product to a flower arranger, there are high chances that it will not be opened. Your email is likely to be opened only when its content is aligned with the interests of your subscriber. Therefore, a good idea is to conduct a bit of research about your subscribers. Check out their occupation, personal profiles and other aspects of their lives, and send out emails accordingly. When your subscribers find content of their interest, they are sure to open your emails.

2. Create a Glorious History
Do you possess a history of emailing informative, engaging and valuable content? If no, it’s time to create that history now. This is because if your readers found your last email to be great, there are high chances that they will open your next email too. It is always wise to send out your best contents and thus, make a mark of your brand in your readers’ minds. If your newsletters have the right content, reading them is likely to become a daily habit of your subscribers. Once your subscribers develop the impression that your content is worth reading, they will open all your successive emails. Your job is to create this impression.

3. Send at the Proper Time
The time at which you send out your emails also influences the opening rate. For example, if a company sends B2B emails to one of its subscribers on a Sunday morning, they will be buried under numerous other emails by the time the recipient opens his inbox, on Monday. Likewise, most organizations send out their emails on the days of Wednesday and Thursday, and so, if you avoid these days, your newsletter will have to encounter a bit less competition for readers’ attention. However, nowadays many business owners have mobile devices with which they can read emails on Sundays also. But there are people who do not read emails on holidays, as they prefer to have their professional and personal lives separated. If at all they go through their emails on holidays, it is for emergencies only.

So, audiences differ widely. The key is to do research about your audience and find out what sending times prove to be the best.

4. Write the Right Subject Line
The above strategies considerably influence opening rates, but the subject line is what creates the difference between success and failure. Your subject line must be compelling enough to tempt readers to open the email. Here are some effective ways in which you can create a compelling subject line:

Create Curiosity
Creating curiosity is a strong technique to make readers open your email. By seeing your subject line, your readers should feel as if they would miss something important if they do not read the email. To create curiosity, you need to know your audience and find out what is important for them.

When writing subject lines, put the name of your organization in them. Research shows that this technique increases open rate significantly. Generate curiosity while being transparent. Avoid being unclear about what the email is about and from whom it is being sent. If your email newsletter is about the latest invention or discovery in the life sciences industry, mention it in its subject line along with your company name.

Create a Feel of Urgency
Your audience is more likely to open emails when they feel that they may miss something if they don’t open the emails now. You can design subject lines that create urgency or time sensitivity by using words like “alert”, “important”, “breaking” and “urgent”.

Maintain Relevance
The relevance of an email’s subject matter largely affects the unsubscribe rate. Similarly, the relevance of an email’s subject line affects the open rate. Even if the content of your email is relevant to the interests of your reader, if the subject line is irrelevant, the email may end being not opened. So, make sure your subject lines are relevant to the needs and interests of your subscribers.

Address the subject specifically to your subscriber. Many email-marketing platforms such as GetResponse, iContact and MailChimp have an inbuilt ability to personalize emails. In the subject line, add the first name of the recipient as a merge field. The recipient’s first name is taken by the application from the database and included in the subject line. Subject line personalization dramatically heightens open rate as readers give a positive response to their names.

By employing these strategies, you can make sure that your emails are opened and read, rather than being sent to the trash. By enhancing your email-opening rate, you can make the world know your life-science company, and improve your sales.

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4 (80%) 1 vote
3 Comments on “4 Tips for Life Science Companies to Boost Email Opening Rates
Chloe Paltrow
January 23, 2015 at 1:16 pm

Yes, informative and helpful write up. E-mail marketing is popular way to convert your target audiences into clients.

Tamara Watson
January 28, 2015 at 12:21 pm

Why don’t you continue the numbering?
I have gone through the points only and it grabs my attention.
Overall the article is good.

Moriah Keena
March 2, 2015 at 12:32 pm

E-mail marketing is a less costing marketing strategy to make individual people or your target audience know about your latest products and offers.

Not only that but A/B split testing technique is also associated with e-mail marketing. Hope you will write about it at your next blog.

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