Content Marketing Tips To Help Your Biotech Company
Posted By Sudeep Banerjee
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We all know that writing great articles is the backbone for maintaining heavy traffic in the website. The good news that 2014 brings with it is the fact that there is ample opportunity and tremendous potential power lying in the field of content marketing. So for all the budding writers out there, switch on the best in you because this year you are your creative best to fetch yourself all the compliments coming your way. It is not important the ways in which you are marketing your content because no matter what strategies you implement readers will get back to your institutional website eventually. That’s not all, the surprise package came when Forbes Magazine voted content marketing as the number 1 online marketing trend in the year 2014.

What good does content marketing do anyway?

If we take into focus only the bio tech industries, content marketing very gradually helps people to know about the industry and the kind of services they provide and the type pf people they cater to. It is important for people to realize that writing a great article has the power to enrich people with knowledge. Writing effective articles help you to get in touch with fellow practitioners and researchers working in the same field and share your views and opinions.

Ways to effectively utilize content marketing

There are several ways to attract a viewer’s interest in your articles and blog spaces. The following points will help you in understanding just that.

Write the content in the form of FAQ

The more frequently answered questions you focus on the better will be the traffic to your website. In today’s time and age nobody has the patience to read an entire article, mostly they just want the answers to their questions. So the more you answer their questions in simple English the more you can expect them to keep coming back to you. People usually read up articles to solve their queries and if you are able to provide just that then nothing like it.

Add a lot of videos

A bit of a reminder, YouTube, touted as the #2 search engine today. So the best way to improve the visibility of your website is by adding more and more videos that has the potential to increase your website’s traffic. Product videos are a great way to grab eyeballs of your customers and to convince them that you are good at your job.

Add value to your content

This is the basic foundation of writing a good article. It is important to add value to your article or blog in the form of quotes, statistics and research results that has been undertaken by medical institutes and other such organizations. All of this relevant information will add value to your article and make it an interesting read.

2014 promises tremendous scope in the area of content marketing. This is the time for the biotech industry to make there presence felt with the help of this kind of marketing strategy.

4 (80%) 3 votes
4 Comments on “Content Marketing Tips To Help Your Biotech Company
Louis Trevor
July 6, 2014 at 3:19 pm

All of these sound exciting and even interesting, but to follow all these we need to do a lot of home work.

Erik Jhonson
September 29, 2014 at 1:09 am

The point of adding video grabbed my attention. Yes that’s an effective way to get more attention of the visitors or content viewer. goOd 😉

Shiela Holmes
February 3, 2015 at 10:59 am

Using social media plug ins to promote the article can be another way of content marketing. Using social media you can make more people know about your work and business.
Overall the article is good 😉

Kerry Alba
February 13, 2015 at 7:44 am

Content must be very scientific, which will be based on different experimental studies. It will be better if the content carries 1 or 2 reference link of research paper or report. This is what I want to include, otherwise the blog is fine and full of information.

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